Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have moved....

I have moved my blog here:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 4 ending July 11th, 2009

No need for a slideshow this week because while I had a great week most of it wasn't caught on camera.
But these few random images were the people and things that made me pull out my camera and enjoy the moment.

The moon one night

A delicious breakfast sandwich

Two cats eating in the sunshine

The color of these candles

Enjoying a beer with a friend

Friends enjoying conversation and sunshine...

These were the moments that made me stop and pay attention.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 3 ending 4th of July, 2009

I spent most of last week indoors but got to venture out for a good friend's birthday. These are the images of the people I know and of people I had the pleasure of getting to know....

- Alexis - Investor relations associate extraordinaire and kick ass friend. You'll notice in these photos that despite the fact that we aren't actually keeping score in the game, her full on competitive nature still shines through. That, and she really loves cream puffs!

- Mike Hase - Husband extraordinaire, excellent cook, and overall cool dude.

- Sarah - I learned that her father is a professional photographer. I learned other things about her however; this not a gossip column.

- Kyla - She is Sarah's girlfriend. She knows A LOT about the various types of mexican wraps and explained to me the differences between them all. She pointed out that I had made my fajitas to look like a burrito. I was oddly fascinated by her observation.

- Brianna - she works for a public relations firm in Manhattan. I noticed she wears clothes really well. Lovely girl. I also met her boyfriend....but alas, there goes the name memory bank again...

- Rupa - she lived in Mumbai for a couple of years and is now back. She left her job to come back to America and spend a year deciding what is next for her. She talked about her life in India and is currently writing short stories about it. I look forward to reading them.

- Fontaine - I didn't get a chance to talk to her; but she was very funny and clearly had a zest for life. She made me laugh.

- I met several other people whose names I've sadly forgotten. I'm trying to get better at that.

- Counting Crows were playing on the speakers.

These were the people and things that made me stop and pay attention....

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 2 ending June 27th, 2009

I spent this week in Oregon. It's a strange and beautiful place. The images tell these stories....

- a street cart which makes the best chicken rice EVER. Nong, the owner, couldn't be more adorable. She opens at 10am and sells out by noon. There is a small yet growing line at 9:50am.

- Time was spent with friend, Jeff Whetstone. He recently won a Guggenheim fellowship for his photographic works ( I got a private lesson from him in large format photography. What a privilege. He carries a harmonica with him. I love that.

- I met a young man named Paul. He was traveling as Jeff's assistant. Upon his arrival in Oregon he learned his mother had taken seriously ill. He was making tracks back to Tennessee the next day. The images show how heavily this was weighing on his mind. Wood splitting and gin were his therapy that day; who can blame him.

- I ate food prepared by a world class chef who several years ago won the Food and Wine Top 10 new chef's in America. I don't have the proper words to describe how good his food is, just that it makes me happy when I'm eating it.

- I got to spend time with a family whose parenting skills were so perfectly balanced between love and guidance, yet a freedom allowed to learn and explore the world on their own. This is a peaceful family, a deeply loving family, and an example to us all.

- And finally, I met a dog named laz. I think he knew he was a protector of the children. Laz is an awesome dog

These were the people, the dog and the places that made me stop and pay attention....

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 1 ending June 20th, 2009

I hurt my foot and have been hobbling around the streets of New York for a few weeks now. New York is such a busy and diverse place yet most of us are so busy we barely get a chance to notice it. But this week, as I slowly moved through the streets, I encountered New York in so many different way....

- I stopped and listened to a guy playing guitar in Union Square park

- I watched children swinging on the swings

- I noticed ALOT of people texting....something I've never had much use for until recently.

- I talked to our server who was a really happy guy. I asked him his name; I don't remember it now. This bums me out.

- I met a homeless man named Charles; he comes from North Carolina and has lived on the streets for 20 years.

- I talked to a hairdresser named Thom; he has survived many bouts of cancer. His animated and quirky sense of humor made me smile. He drank two drinks at a time. I hope to see him again.

These are the people and places that made me stop and pay attention....

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